A WOMAN watched on in horror as her chihuahua was killed by another dog.

Dee Clark was walking her two dogs, Kizzee and Koffee, on a field near Hickory Avenue in Colchester, at 9.15am on Thursday.

A woman was sitting on the field with her two dogs, believed to be of a bull terrier-type breed, as Mrs Clark passed.

Kizzee, a poodle and chihua hua cross, and her baby, Koffee, were on the lead as they get nervous around other dogs.

The two other dogs ran at them, leaving Dee screaming. She is now appealing to dog owners to keep their pets on leads.

She said: “The woman said her dogs were friendly, she tried calling them back.

“I pushed my arm out but it was no good, her big black dog attacked Kizzee and I was screaming and crying.

“The dog was holding her in its mouth like a toy.”

Dee bought Kizzee in 2010, and she gave birth to Koffee, a chihuahua, in 2013.

It was Koffee who did not survive.

Mrs Clark said: “I didn’t even see the dogs attack Koffee, I turned around after I managed to pull Kizzee away and Koffee was on the floor.

“Her eyes were open and her tongue was out. There was just blood everywhere.

“I didn’t even look, I just held her in my arms.”

She took the two dogs to Colne Valley Vets, but knew Koffee had died.

She said: “Koffee was scared of her own bark, she was really pretty.

“Everyone loved her because she was so cute and tiny.

“My dogs feel vulnerable around bigger dogs anyway, there’s nothing I could have done.”

It is understood police have now found the owner of the dog involved.

Police did not provide a response.