• Council must get tough on travellers too

“Rough sleepers must be gone by today - or else.”

Hard words dealing with our Colchester homeless.

Pity the same message isn’t applied to the frequent travellers who are not local citizens.

It seems we get at least weekly news travellers have illegally set up home somewhere and getting rid of them costs money - my money.

Colchester Council and Essex County Council use my council tax to be rid of illegally parked travellers and clean up the resulting mess.

Why not pass a by-law to prevent the visitations?

Both Colchester Council and Essex County Council members of the Tory party.

They should be asking the government to change the law. Change it to allow local farms and businesses to help remove travellers.

If our local homeless camp is not allowed, neither should the travellers'.

Bob Dove Launceston Close, Colchester


The homeless camp off East Bay, which was cleared by the council this week

  • Candidates must come up with ideas for older voters

At a time when political manifestos are coming ten a penny, it is easy to get caught up in the headlines and razzmatazz.

As a charity, Age Concern Colchester does not align itself to or endorse any political party; at the same time it is right that we highlight the needs of older people in the borough.

A priority concern is social care – an issue that seems to disappear under the tsunami of Brexit and the economy.

Having given a lifetime of contributions, many in Colchester are worried about how they are going to be able to afford care – costs seem to spiral while interest on savings is at an all-time low and uncertainties cloud the future of pensions and other benefits.

Housing, the main capital asset of this generation, also is under attack as parties try to balance difficult books.

Most of our members have seen so many elections that the tough posturing of some and the rose-tinted glasses of others are no longer quite as convincing.

Nonetheless we urge parties and candidates to think of their older voters, to come up with dynamic and positive ideas on how to keep social care affordable; to enable parents and grandparents to pass on the asset they have worked hard to provide; and to help older people help themselves.

Jonathan Moore Chief executive Age Concern Colchester

  • Labour’s ideas could damage firms

I HAVE just read with interest the ideas that Labour have to “help the country”.

I am all for helping infrastructure, schooling and health authority.

However the plans they have to claw back the money are a little strange.

I work for a very small company with only five members of staff.

If companies like us are made to up the minimum wage (all sounds very good) to £10 per hour and on top of that up the corporation tax some employees may well find themselves out of work.

So in hindsight won’t actually be beneficial as more small companies will lose staff, shut down or be severely in debt.

Sharon Clayton Colchester

  • Should our MP be a Col United fan?

I WOULD like you to imagine what would happen if a Joe Bloggs of Newcastle decided to stand for election to become MP for that constituency, only to find out he is a season ticket holder of Sunderland Football Club.

Well this seems to be happening in Colchester where we have a man who is standing for election, and is a supporter season ticket holder of the town’s biggest rivals, Ipswich Town.

This man tells us he loves Colchester but was saying the same thing just two years ago about Clacton.

Who would this man support if Colchester United were drawn against Ipswich Town in the FA Cup?

I think we all know the answer to that.

Roy Lyon St John’s Road, Colchester

  • Don’t forget to resgister to vote

I’d like to invite any readers who aren’t yet registered to vote to register before May 22 and to use their vote in the forthcoming General Election.

You can register online in minutes at gov.uk/register-to-vote

All you need is your National Insurance number, or alternatively you can register by phoning electoral services at your local council.

Anyone who may not find it easy to get to the polling station can also ask for a postal vote or proxy vote before May 23.

Make your vote count in this election.

Gabriel Pepper New Road, Aldham

  • Wool contributions have been big help

Following our request in this newspaper last week, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has contributed wool for our visually-impaired knitting group, including the lady who purchased a bag of brand new wool specifically to give to our group.

The generosity of people is wonderful and we now have a very large supply of yarn which we will put to good use over the next few months making twiddlemuffs and other items.

Thanks again.

Carol Massey Essex Sight Osborne Street, Colchester

  • Time to get tough businesses’ litter

I READ our ever-caring council is getting tough on litter louts.

Quite right too, but may I suggest the wardens visit the rear of some shops in Colchester town centre as they will have a field day.

The area resembles the corporation rubbish dump and the wind kindly distributes the contents over various parts of Culver Street East.

The council can’t fine individuals if its ignores other bigger offenders.

Hilary Dowsett Guildford Road, Colchester

  • I’m trying to find owner of bracelet

ABOUT two months ago I had an appointment at Colchester General Hospital.

When we arrived and got out the car, I found what appears to be a silver bracelet.

Despite contacting security, police and appealing on Facebook I have been unable to reunite it with its owner.

If you think it may be yours or know who it belongs to, please call me on 07986 390601 with a description and I will make arrangements for its return.

Caroline Bowyer Layer, Colchester

  • Customs sheds will be built on fields

Amid the opposition to new homes has anyone, especially those who voted in favour of the UK leaving the EU, given any thought to the likely location on green land of the giant customs clearing sheds and associated lorry parks that will be needed for an allegedly smooth Brexit?

I do hope any Brexit-leaning MPs reap the whirlwind.

Will Bramhill Mile End Road, Colchester

  • High Steward garb should reflect austerity

FF Casale’s suggestions regarding suitable ceremonial garb for the High Steward struck me as being in rather poor taste.

In these straitened times, when hard-working families and the just-about-managings have season tickets to foodbanks, I would rather see the High Steward in some hand-me-down wellies and trousers held up by garden twine shouting: “Any spare change for the Night Shelter?” than walking around like some real life Mr Ben resplendent in the tawdry trappings of non-office.

However, if it must go ahead, perhaps there could be a competition for disadvantaged children or the homeless to design the costume.

Sam Glen Eudo Road, Colchester