UKIP leader Paul Nuttall's visit to Clacton today has been postponed after the party's battle bus was damaged.

Mr Nuttall was due to visit the town on Friday afternoon to support the party's candidate Paul Oakley.

The 48-year-old barrister and member of the party's national executive committee is hoping to retain the seat for Ukip on June 8.

But Mr Oakley said the visit to Clacton town centre has been postponed until Saturday at 10am after the bus was "mysteriously damaged' overnight.

He said: "The visit has been delayed because a wing mirror has been knocked off the bus while it was parked up for the night.

"It means the bus is currently not road-worthy.

"We are not sure if it is vandalism.

"I'm extremely disappointed by this, but on the other hand the bus will hit Clacton on its busiest day of the week."

The town returned Ukip's only MP in 2015, but Douglas Carswell quit the party in March declaring it was "job done" for Ukip after Prime Minister Theresa May signed the Article 50 papers, officially triggering the UK's withdrawal from the EU.

But Mr Oakley says it is not 'job done' for the party - and that Mrs May must be held to account.

Also standing for election in Clacton: David Grace (Lib Dem), Chris Southall (Green), Robin Tilbrook (English Democrats) Nick Martin (Ind), Caroline Shearer (Ind) and Giles Watling (Con).