I WOULD like to publicly thank and give credit to all of our staff who have been working hard to recover our hospital systems after the cyber attack.

I would also like to thank our patients, their carers and their families for being so understanding and kind in their comments to staff, and by working with us in the unprecedented situation we all found ourselves in.

Many staff came in at the weekend when they should have been off-duty, and worked hard, long into the night to get our IT systems – both clinical and non-clinical – back up and running.

Although it has been a difficult and trying time, there is no evidence patient data or safety has been compromised.

I am proud patient safety has, as always, been the first concern of our staff.

Families of patients due to be discharged over the weekend from Colchester General Hospital worked with us to enable that to happen in a safe way, sometimes by inconveniencing themselves in the process. For that, I am grateful and say thank you.

Colchester General Hospital remains open as usual for emergency care and all of our outpatient clinics are running.

I would like to apologise to the small number of elective, non-emergency patients who had their appointments postponed, but these will be rescheduled within 28 days.

It is times like these, in adverse situations, that make me realise why I am proud to be part of the Colchester team.

Nick Hulme, Chief Executive, Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust

  • Tories treating us all with contempt

I’m frustrated with the contempt the Conservative Party hold the electorate in.

We have Theresa May visiting constituencies, but having to have pre-selected people to attend and refusing to debate policies with the other leaders, and a mainstream media apparently refusing to hold the Government to account.

Then we have Will Quince claiming to be the paragon of all things great while voting for a reduction in welfare, voting against higher taxes on banks, voting against measures to reduce tax avoidance, voted against green issues and wanting mass surveillance of people’s communications and activities.

We have a huge increase in relative child poverty, our children are being increasingly unable to afford their own homes, we have more than 1.2 million going to food banks and the NHS is on its knees, with debt UK-wide since 2010 and experiencing the widest gap between wealthy and poor since the 1790s. Think Dickens to get that into context.

I’ll be negatively affected by some of Labours manifesto promises, but I care more about the future my children have.

I’m tired of hearing the more needy should have benefits cut to encourage them to work while the more wealthy shouldn’t pay more tax to attract them.

I want a fairer society, equal opportunity and not having to rely on the most wealthy to trickle money down the line.

I hope others show the same social conscience on June 8 by voting Labour.

Matt Thomas, Shrub End, Colchester

  • Sledgehammer approach is sad

Colchester Council refuses to engage in constructive dialogue in favour of a sledgehammer approach to rough sleepers.

This uncaring authority has already implemented public space protection orders to drive rough sleepers out from town centre car park stairways.

When I proposed funding a bus shelter, Colchester Council was not interested.

I then proposed four options from tiny houses to shared accommodation but this council regards rough sleepers as vermin to be driven out of town.

The night shelter is full because no move-on accommodation is available.

I do not believe rough sleepers move into Colchester for the limited homeless services here.

If I was homeless, my choice would be Southend. This caring town is even converting a bus shelter. Things will change in Colchester despite the town hall jackboot approach to those in need.

Anyone wants more information can look at my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Bus-Shelter-Colchester-1303606616363782

Andy Hamilton, Acland Avenue, Colchester

  • Plans violated protected site

FURTHER to your piece on the Second World War site at Wix, I am surprised developers want to turn the decoy site building adjacent to Spinnels Farm, Wix, into a glamping/camping site.

Contrary to Mr Fairs’ assertion this is “one of about 700 UK sites“ it is in fact one of only two such world war series “N” QL specification sites in good condition on the East Coast.

I worked closely with Essex County Council in 1999 in researching and documenting the site, leading to its adoption by as a Scheduled Ancient Monument of national importance due to its rarity.

Far from falling into disrepair it is commonly understood Second World War concrete bunkers have a life of more than 200 years.

I would suggest the recent building of an access road to the bunker, destroying the generator silencer pit adjacent to the bunker, has violated the protected status of the site.

This site was not built to protect Harwich “by lighting fires”, but to act as a decoy to the nearby Wrabness Mine depot whose 70-acre industrial site was of national importance.

All this information and more is readily available on the web under “Spinnels Farm decoy site”.

Ed Abbott, Spinnels Farm, Wrabness

  • Care home discussion is important

IN a few weeks a general election will take place.

I have heard nothing of substance that relates to the suffering of the elderly in residential nursing homes.

The failures of the Care Quality Commission to expose abuse and neglect in care homes have not received a mention.

In some nursing homes, one care assistant is instructed to look after ten or more doubly incontinent residents.

Surely this should be part of the political discussion?

I sincerely hope the people of this country will take into account the helplessness of our elderly, who find themselves abandoned in this twilight world, and I hope they will hold our politicians to account on polling day and in the future.

Chris Pitts, Turner Road, Colchester