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Colchester General Election hustings at the Mercury Theatre

Last updated:

    Candidates will be answering questions ahead of the General Election on June 8
  • A packed house is expected at Colchester's Mercury Theatre
  • Mark Goacher, Will Quince, Robin Rennie, Sir Bob Russell and Tim Young will share the stage


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SeaFish 6:21pm Wed 17 May 17
What time does it start?
Score: 0
[deleted] Replying SeaFish 6:24pm Wed 17 May 17
Score: 1
[deleted] Replying SeaFish 3:51pm Thu 18 May 17
Score: 0
SherbetDab 6:41pm Wed 17 May 17
Clashes with Southampton v Manchester United.
Score: 1
Phil Kettle Replying SherbetDab 7:15pm Wed 17 May 17
At least Man Utd are true Reds, unlike the fake red on stage at the Mercury !!
Score: 6
sam vines Replying Phil Kettle 8:14pm Wed 17 May 17
Going to be interesting to see what happens to the rainbow coalition when Labour split after the election.
Score: 3
[deleted] 7:08pm Wed 17 May 17
Score: 0
[deleted] 7:12pm Wed 17 May 17
Score: 0
Phil Kettle 7:18pm Wed 17 May 17
Provide link of streaming address please
Score: 0
sam vines 8:13pm Wed 17 May 17
Wow how sad potential MPs are using the term "hard Brexit", no such thing exists. Can somebody ask Bob Russel why the Lib Dems are trying to buy the younger generation vote and then the best they can up up with is a 71 year old candidate.
Score: 7
Get real! Replying sam vines 9:21am Thu 18 May 17
I think the term 'hard Brexit' means that it is possible for us not to get a good deal out of Europe. As for the Liberal dems. It's the polices you need to look at not the man, Bob just represents the Liberal dem, ideas, it doesn't matter how old he is.
Score: 0
JWhyte 8:23pm Wed 17 May 17
Can someone ask Bob if he gets 52% of the vote and Will gets 48% can we keep having elections until we get the result we want.
Score: 8
SHRUBBY 8:47pm Wed 17 May 17
Old Bob "Disagrees with his Partys Manifesto" Russell also said he voted for things he didn't want-Is this old chap Real? Conclusion was he ONLY voted to get the Backbench Knighthood. Why is he standing for any Party-apart from Old Bob Independent?

Last edited: 10:29am Thu 18 May 17

Score: 4
sam vines Replying SHRUBBY 9:07pm Wed 17 May 17
He just wants to be in the lime light, the only interest he serves is his own.
Score: 4
sam vines 9:02pm Wed 17 May 17
Mark Goacher needs to show some honesty and explain to us what he proposes to replace the employment and income the garrison generates for this town, since it is Green policy to scrap the armed forces.
Score: 1
Greenstead Independents Replying sam vines 9:55pm Wed 17 May 17
Personally I think the armed forces should be maintained but, a motivated well-trained work force like that? Piece of **** to get them earning!
Score: 1
Mark Goacher Replying sam vines 9:28am Thu 18 May 17
Hi Sam. I am totally opposed to scrapping the armed forces. I'm all for promoting world peace, harmony and so forth but in the world we live in with IS and Putin we need our armed services. There is no way I'd vote for some policy of unilaterally scrapping our armed forces.
Score: 1
Greenstead Independents 9:56pm Wed 17 May 17
Managed about an hour and a half, had to draw the line when Quince started chatting **** about the homeless. He's a cheeky mother **** considering he voted for most of the problems that have contributed to them having less of a chance of getting a place. For anyone who gives a ****: Sorry, Ronnie who? Good to see him get some **** when the loving Christian gave his opinions on gay marriage. Mark Goacher. Solid performance as always, really don't get why he doesn't do better in elections. Needs bigger **** teeth. Will Quince. Obviously been practising his lines all week. Tim Young, not sure, every time he spoke all I could hear was a ringing in my ears. Then there's Sir Bob. Apart from one claim that the EU ref was split 50/50 he was spot on. Like they did for Mark the crowd responded well to his comments. A lot better than a few of the lonely claps Quince got. Really like to see Sir Bob and Mark work together more.

Last edited: 2:44pm Thu 18 May 17

Score: 2
jut1972 Replying Greenstead Independents 10:16pm Wed 17 May 17
You should have put those comments up on screen
Score: 0
Greenstead Independents Replying jut1972 10:31pm Wed 17 May 17
...and spoil your fun?! Haha
Score: 0
Greenstead Independents Replying jut1972 10:32pm Wed 17 May 17
I'd quite like an evening debating you lot.
Score: 0
wormshero 12:10am Thu 18 May 17
Mark Goacher sounded to me like he'd clearly researched a lot for the evening, stats constantly thrown out. Quince was pretty cringeworthy at times, the homeless part being the main let down moment. Clearly didn't take to well to crowd reaction given that he's currently backchatting negative tweets on twitter. Also his rant about legalising cannabis, his description of what he didn't want to happen was basically alcohol culture with a different drug, just seemed odd to do it that way. Thought Tim Young did alright, stood his ground quite well, clearly fairly knowledgeable on local issues. I've voted for Bob Russell previously but went right off him tonight, speaking out against a policy he voted for, and going against the party line is, while brave usually, a bit crap when it's to maintain conservative views on low issue drugs. Actually found myself occasionally agreeing with Ronnie, although his views on lgbt issues were painful to listen to, so far dated, and his view of benefits sounded like it was based off a TV reality show?
Score: 1
AVeryPrivateGentleman. 2:42pm Thu 18 May 17
From what I see 3 questions of no further enlightenment from what people already know. Complete waste of time by the sound of it as usual. You have a choice of voting for the past of "much the same about nothing" or carry on with the status quo of the 24 month old newbie who's still cutting teeth? (i.e. a dystopian dennis skinner or a "stars in your eyes" wannabe david brent).

Last edited: 2:49pm Thu 18 May 17

Score: 0

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