As he braces himself for a major battle, this weekend Will Quince will recognise another.

The Colchester MP is to unveil an information board recognising a crucial moment in the town’s history on Saturday (tomorrow) at 10.30am.

The permanent memorial will be sited at Headgate, at the junction of Sr Isaac’s Walk, the scene of the Battle of Headgate in 1648.

Commissioned by the Friends of Colchester Roman Wall, the board features a special painting of the battle created by Colchester Artist Roger Massey Ryan.

On June 13 1648, at the start of the devastating English Civil War, Parliamentarian forces attempted to break into the town through the Head Gate but were repulsed by the Royalists inside.

Town solicitors Ellisons have sponsored the board to mark their connection to the battle.

During the seige, the building in Head Street which now houses their offices was used to hold prisoners of war.

A white flag pictured on the board represents a warning to the besieging forces not to attack it.

Former Colchester mayor and chair of Friends of Colchester Roman Wall Henry Syvee called the board a great way to honour one of the mnost important episodes in Colchester history.

“We hope that the thousands of people who walk along Headgate Street every day will take a minute to stop and learn more about our past. We are very grateful to Ellisons for supporting this permanent reminder of Colchester’s long history.”

This will be the seventh Roman Wall interpretation board to be installed by the Friends. Others are in place at Balkerne Gate, Duncan’s Gate (in Castle Park), East Hill, the Northeast Corner, Priory Street and Scheregate Steps. Others will be installed over the coming months.