A COUPLE have denied conning residents in Frinton out of more than £20,000.

Martin and Lorraine Whitrod are accused of taking out loans from five people on false pretences.

Both have denied taking out the loans dishonestly.

Lorraine Whitrod, 49, of Mill Road, Woodbridge, is accused of five counts of five counts of fraud by false representation.

She is accused of being part of a scam which has been brought before the courts almost four years on.

It is alleged, between December 2012 and June 2013, she committed fraud by dishonestly making a false representation when she borrowed £11,846.85 from a woman in Frinton.

She is accused of a similar offence when borrowing £1,413.61 from a man on April 25.

Lorraine Whitrod is accused of borrowing £3,000 from another woman between January and June 2013 under false pretences.

Between August 2012 and January 2013 it is alleged she fraudulently borrowed £4,329.83 from another woman and on May 30 a further £1,125.53 from a fifth alleged victim.

Martin Whitrod, 59, of the same address, is charged with the same offences.

Both have denied the offences.

They have been asked to put forward a defence statement with a trial due to be heard soon after May 22.