A DISTRAUGHT cat owner has spoken of his shock after his pet suffered a “brutal death” at the hands of yobs who used him as a football.

Skittles, an eight-year-old black cat, was found by residents in Rogation Close, Stanway, after the incident on Friday night.

Witnesses told owners Thomas Munson, 33, and his wife Madeleine, 28, they had seen a group of yobs kicking something in the road before another rode over the object on a bike.

Mr Munson, of Wheatfield Road, said: “A lady came knocking on Saturday morning and had a cat wrapped up. She was asking if we had a fluffy cat that had gone missing.

“The young lady went on to tell my wife how he had died. He had been kicked up a group of young boys and another boy cycled over him. It was quite a brutal death.”

Another witness came forward following a n appeal for information on the Crimewatch page on Facebook .

It has since been reported to the police who have launched an investigation. 

Mr Munson added: “He was such a soft, soppy cat who loved attention. If he had been called he would have gone.

“He was eight years old and had never been ill.

“We have three kids and the oldest whose five has been in shock and doesn’t fully understand.

“We are in utter shock. I can’t get my head around the mentality behind it and not being able to protect him so close to home.

“I’m shocked anybody could think a cat is just a thing to do whatever you want to.”

A spokesman for Essex Police said: "Police are investigating reports that a cat was attacked in Rogation Close, Stanway, on Friday, March 17, at around 10.10pm.

"The animal's owner, a 33-year-old man, reported that a group of youths had kicked the animal and then cycled off. The cat died as a result of its injuries."

Anyone with information should c all P C Joseph Self at Colchester police station on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.