A ROAD has been branded a 'death trap' for two wheeled road users by a Colchester Borough Councillor.

Councillor Dave Harris claims something must be done about potholes on Pownall Crescent after he narrowly avoided an accident on the road while riding his motorcycle.

Several deep potholes run down the middle of the road, and the councillor believes these are highly problematic for anyone on two wheels, push bikes included.

He said: "I was totally unimpressed when I went down Pownall Crescent on my motorcycle.

"I clipped one of the potholes, and had a real wobble on my bike.

"They are deep enough that a cyclist would be in real trouble, they would buckle their wheel easily.

"But a buckled wheel is one thing, we could be talking about life and death here.

"If someone comes of their bike in head on traffic it becomes a serious situation.

"Cyclist beware, this road is a death trap for two wheeled road users."

The councillor claims there are four potholes along Pownall Crescent, and although he has reported them on numerous occasions, the situation is yet to be addressed.

He added: "It is part of my ward and I have a lot of friends who live in the area so I use it quite a lot.

"There must be about four potholes along the road, and this must be the fourth time I have reported them.

"The council keep telling me they are monitoring the situation, which doesn't seem good enough to me."

A spokesperson for Essex Highways said: “Our inspectors attended this site yesterday and will assess the situation before deciding on appropriate action.

"We will continue to monitor this route.”