A mother who took part in a wife-swap show with Colchester councillors has described how swapping with the Labour couple was her "worst nightmare".

Tim and Julie Young, who represent Labour for the St Andrew's Ward on Colchester Council, signed up to take part in the hit Channel 4 show Wife Swap, and found themselves paired up with a Basingstoke family.

Tina Griffiths, who enjoys evenings at the pub and has never voted in an election, had described how she traded places with church-going borough and county councillor Mrs Young.

Miss Griffiths said she was unaware of what she had let herself in for when she arrived in Colchester to move in with Mr Young.

She said: "I thought they were counsellors, not councillors, and it didn't click until I went into the garage and it said Vote Labour on posters, which was my worst nightmare."

When it was her turn to make the rules, Miss Griffiths said she helped her new "family" - including the Youngs' three children - to unwind and spend more time together.

Meanwhile, her partner of 12 years, Dean Caparn, and the couple's four children had a new "wife", as Mrs Young struggled to keep up with Tina's housework and forced Mr Caparn to abandon his regular Saturday night at the pub.

The date for screening the episode has yet to be set. The new series starts in April.

The Youngs have said they cannot comment due to a contract with the production company.

  • Tim Young is standing for re-election in the St Andrew's ward for Colchester Council on May 3. Nominations for election close on Wednesday.