A NEW garden village with 4,000 homes, business parks and a school could be created next to one of Colchester’s villages.

Proposals have been submitted to Colchester Council to create a new garden village on land west of the A12 at Langham.

Planning consultants Edward Gittins and Associates has asked the council to include the proposal in its emerging local plan, the masterplan for future development.

If it were approved, Langham’s 1,000-strong population would grow to ten times that size.


THE site identified, if accepted, would cover 441 hectares and include:

Business park area: 31.5 hectares

Solar farm area: 26.2 hectares

Open space: 92.2 hectares

Village centre: 7.9 hectares

Country park: 72.4 hectares

Primary school: 3.2 hectares


THE village centre would serve as the community shopping centre and a location for recreation, leisure and worship.

The provision of a youth theatre, library and sports hall would be explored along with smaller community halls.


THE country park to the south would serve as a green wedge to avoid merging with north Colchester. It would include Langham Lodge Wood and Salary Brook.

Colchester Council will consider whether to include the site in its draft local plan which will then go out for consultation before being examined by a Government inspector.