SCHOOL pupils and their parents are celebrating a safer walk to school after a long-awaited zebra crossing was reinstated.

The safety measure, with yellow zig-zag lines either side to deter motorists from parking, was repainted outside Queen Boudica Primary School, in Cowper Crescent, Colchester.

It was painted by developer Linden Homes which has been building 450 homes at the Northfields development close to the school, since 2008.

During that time, safety concerns have been raised by parents, councillors and the school over pedestrians’ safety.

Vehicles including construction traffic and those used by parents on the school run have been said to contribute to problems.

The zebra crossing and yellow lines have been faded for about a year.

Colin Livesey, head of technical at Linden Homes Eastern, said: “The interests and safety of the local community are paramount to our working in Colchester. We have repainted the zebra crossing and yellow zig-zag lines to ensure that safety is maintained around the school area.

“This work has been completed in time for the pupils returning to school after the summer break. The repainting in conjunction with our time restrictions for material deliveries and defined traffic routes will promise maximum safety for those walking to and from the school and also will help keep other pedestrians safe in the area, while construction continues.”