A RADIO presenter has pleaded with people not to drop litter on an Army estate.

Liz Mullen, host and producer for BFBS Colchester, said she collected up a pile of discarded drinks cans in a twominute walk to the studio door, in Homefield Road, Colchester.

She said: “Please, people, how can we stop these litter vandals on St Michael’s estate?

“I would have put them in my recycling glass and cans tub this morning, but that ‘disappeared’ last week.

“So I’ll have to take them to the Shrub End recycling centre.

“Like many members of my BFBS Colchester audience, I live here – and I love it. Except that, having lived in many other parts of Colchester, I can assure you I’ve never encountered anything this bad.

“The place is a disgrace – and it’s down to a minority of idiots. In particular those who buy a well-known energy drink in blue cans – but don’t get enough energy from them to stagger to a litter bin, let alone a recycling tub."