HAIR salons are being warned to stop cutting corners or face the hair dryer treatment.

TV Licensing is urging salon owners across the borough to make sure they have a licence if they are showing live TV for their customers.

There are about 100 hair dressers in and within five miles of the town and bosses say some of them may not actually be allowed to show live TV.

Since April, three salons across the UK have been prosecuted for licence fee evasion.

Martin Dyan, TV Licensing spokesperson for London and the South East, said: “With many salons mounting small TV screens by each chair or providing handheld tablets so customers don’t miss a minute of their best-loved TV shows, live TV and hairdressing have never been closer.

“But it’s important salon owners and managers take a few moments to review and update their licensing requirements.”

A TV Licence costs £145.50. Anyone without one could be fined up to £1,000.