A CAMPAIGN to help victims of domestic violence has been an “outstanding” success, according to those who set it up.

Standing Together reached millions of people with thousands actively engaging with it.

Led by Essex County Council, and supported by all other councils in Essex and the police, the campaign was put together by survivors to help others out of the cycle of abuse.

Most importantly, according to cabinet member for children and families Dick Madden, victims have become survivors as a result of Standing Together.

He said: “The figures we have achieved are truly outstanding.

“It has been overwhelming and victims have felt empowered to come forward.”

Almost 11,000 people viewed details about domestic abuse in Essex during the two month campaign, compared to 507 during the previous two months.

Millions of people were linked on social media and about 1,000 sent pictures using #tweetyourfeet and #notodomesticabuse to spread the word.

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