A WOMAN who came to from an epileptic fit to find two jeering lads filming her has pledged the ordeal will not stop her living her life.

Maggie O’Connor, 26, has no memory of what happened after she was walking Dylan, her pet Staffordshire Bull Terrier, through St Botolph’s Priory in Colchester.

She said: “I sat myself down because I had a headache and I must have gone into seizure.

“With epilepsy, you’re sitting up and awake for a few minutes before you’re aware. When I became aware of myself I noticed my dog was acting strangely.

“He was stood over my leg and was quite tense. There were two lads standing really quite close to me with their moible phones out laughing and joking.

“One of them tried to take a close up of my face - he was about one foot away.

“My dog isn’t aggressive, but he growled at them."

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