RESIDENTS have praised police for the way they tackled a gunman in their street.

Officers came under fire from the man in Dugard Avenue, Stanway, on Wednesday at 6pm.

It is believed he was firing an air rifle from an upstairs window and possibly threw some kind of firecracker.

Amateur video footage caught nine loud bangs when police pulled up and got out of their cars.

Officers tried to talk the man into surrendering, but ended up using tasers and baton rounds to immobilise and arrest him.

Resident Scott Chapman, who filmed the drama, said: “The police did a great job and executed what they had to do quickly.

“All the talk here is how well the police handled it.”

See Scott Chapman's video of the drama unfolding

One neighbour said she had hid in a cupboard after hearing gunfire.

Another neighbour said: “It was scary.

“I am glad nobody was hurt and I am impressed with the police not firing back after being shot at.”

Mark Smith, chairman of Essex Police Federation, praised officers for showing restraint.

He said: “When someone pulls a gun, you don’t know what sort it is or what they will do.

“They took the brave decision to use batons and tasers, known as less-lethal force.

“This could have been a lot worse.

“If you point a gun at police officers, there is a chance you will be shot.”

The 43-year-old man arrested has been given police bail until September, but has been detained under the mental health act after being assessed by doctors.