UPDATED: DETECTIVES are appealing for a mystery woman to get in touch following a murder in Colchester.

Jim Attfield, 33, of East Bay, Colchester, was stabbed 102 times in a brutal and savage attack.

Det Chief Supt Steve Worron said: “Since Jim’s death we have been trying to reach people he has had contact with.

“There was a woman speaking to Jim on his account - jim.attfield

“We believe she went on holiday on March 21 and was due to return on the Saturday, March 29, the day Jim was killed.

“She liked dancing and pottery and may have sung karaoke with Jim.

“We are appealing for this woman to come forward.

“If she is not from Colchester she has certainly been to Colchester.”

Jim regularly posted about her on his Facebook site but she was not named.

Mr Worron said detectives had already spoken to “a significant number of people” who spoke to Jim on social media sites, many of which were centered aound music which he was passionate about.

Any they have not spoken to are urged to get in contact.

Police also still want to speak to a couple seen on a bench near Castle Park at 11.30pm on Friday, March 28.

Jim was discovered shortly before 6am the next day dying shortly after between Guildford Road and Lower Castle Park on a path.

Mr Worron said: “It may be difficult or embarassing for them to come forward but remember a young man has been murdered.”

Anyone with information call the incident room on 01245 282103.