AN arsenal of lethal weapons and ingredients for making a bomb were found in the boot of a paratrooper’s car, a court heard.

Sawn-off shotguns, ammunition, grenades, acids and chemicals were found in Vincent Crockford’s Mercedes.

The jury, at Chelmsford Crown Court, also heard how police uncovered a series of articles on bombs, weapons and detonators when they subsequently trawled through Crockford's computer.

They found items on how to use a silencer on a shotgun, a copy of The Anarchist’s Cookbook – an IRA handbook, and a recipe for building a a nitro-glycerine bomb.

The jury was told how the chemicals and acids found in the car could have made a bomb of this kind.

Crockford, a corporal in the Parachute Regiment, denies six charges of possessing illegal firearms, possessing ammunition without a firearms certificate, and possessing explosive substances.

The court heard the weapons and other items were found by chance, after a clean-up took place at Merville Barracks at Colchester Garrison.

His car was believed to have been abandoned, so a scrap dealer was asked to take it away in September last year.

Crockford, 28, of Cottonwood Close, Colchester, was on leave at the time.

When the scrap dealer opened the boot be found the items and called police.

When Crockford later discovered the car was gone, he walked into a Military Police office and reported it stolen.

By that time, police knew what was in the car and he was arrested.

He answered no comment to all the questions put to him.

The trial continues.