ONE dog has died and another was injured in a vicious attack.

A third dog escaped from the mauling unhurt when it got free from its lead and fled.

Caroline Wyke was walking her own dog Charlie and her daughter’s two Jack Russells, Florence and Floyd, when two alsatian dogs set upon them.

The injuries sustained by four-year-old Charlie, a cross between a chihuahua and a Jack Russell, were so bad he had to be put down.

Three-year-old Florence was badly hurt, but is being treated for her injuries, which happened of a countryside footpath in Eight Ash Green, on Thursday, May 1 at about 5pm.

Floyd managed to get away and was found nearby later in the day.

Mrs Wyke, 58, a nurse who lives near Bures, said: “I am living it over and over again and I am so sorry I couldn’t keep Charlie safe.

“The poor thing was there trying to make sure I was safe and this has happened to him.”

She added: “I was going ballistic and screaming.”

Mrs Wyke added: “I want to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

“It is a horrible experience and anyone who has a dog will know how hard it is when they are taken away.”