POLICE who tried to save musician Thomas Brittain after he was stabbed were commended by the Chief Constable for their bravery.

Essex Police’s PC Matt Harkness and Captain Tim Gerrard, of the Royal Military Police, were first on the scene after Thomas, 26, was attacked in a flat in Parkside Quarter, Colchester, in March last year.

The officers had been on patrol in Head Street when they got the call, and ran to the scene.

They had no idea whether the armed attackers were still inside, but broke into the building and entered the flat.

Mr Gerrard, who has since left the military police, said: “It was like something out of a horror film.

"The walls were covered in blood.

"When there are two of you, you have to watch your partner’s back. It is so important to go in with an understanding of your partner and to work as one.”

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