ONE of the largest housing estates to be built in Colchester could be completed in four years.

Bellway Homes has outlined its plans to build up to 200 homes on the site of the former Betts Factory site, in Ipswich Road.

Bosses want work to start before the end of this year.

From 2015, 50 homes would be built a year on the site, which sits half in Colchester and half in Tendring.

It is understood building would begin on the Colchester side because access is already in place.

Paul Smith, who held a meeting with Bellway Homes, said: “We’re encouraged because they are going to be moving very fast with this site.

“It’s hoped the work will start before the end of the year and it could be finished in fours year."

Mr Smith said he has asked designers to re-consider a three-storey frontage, which would be visible from Ipswich Road, before plans are finalised.

A consultation will be held on May 7 between 4pm and 8pm in St John’s Church, in St John’s Church.

Details are already being advertised on the developers’ website.

There will be up to 108 homes built on the Colchester site and about 73 homes are planned for the Tendring side.

The site was bought by London-based developer Lands Improvement, in 2011 for about £5million, before it was sold to Bellway Homes late last year.