A HAMMER attack by an armed gang has left one man in hospital and another with facial injuries.

Detectives believe witnesses filmed the attack in Colchester’s Dutch Quarter on a mobile phone.

They have arrested five people and recovered a weapon.

Paramedics took a man to Colchester General Hospital with serious, but not life-threatening, injuries.

Witness described seeing someone carrying a clawhammer and a man lying on the ground covered in blood.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: “I heard a scream and lots of shouting and swearing.

“One person was being chased by someone with a claw hammer and people were charging out of a block of flats.

“I saw a black man being attacked and lying on the floor. He was semi-conscious and haemorrhaging from a head injury.

“There was another guy lying on the floor. Then loads of police cars came on the scene.”

Another resident said: “I heard a commotion. I heard a woman scream and thought it was some kind of domestic.

“I heard a man with an African accent trying to break things up and calm things down. I thought that was the end.

“I did not realise somebody was attacked that badly. With the fatality at the park as well, people are getting very concerned.

Jim Storey, 80, who lives nearby, said: “I am surprised to hear about something like this, but we have got to be careful with things like this outside the front door.”

Police confirmed they were called to Nunn’s Road, close to Stockwell and West Stockwell Street, on Monday at 6.30pm and have arrested five suspects.

A spokesman said: “We received several reports about a fight involving a man with a hammer about 6.30pm.

“Officers have arrested three men, aged 19, 23 and 25, a boy, aged 16, and a woman, aged 53, on suspicion of assault, affray and other offences. They are all from Colchester.

“One man received a serious head injury and is being treated at hospital and another man received facial injuries. Detectives have recovered a hammer for forensic examination.”

Four suspects have been bailed and a fifth is receiving hospital treatment.

Anyone who witnessed the incident, and may have taken footage on their phone, can call Det Con Tim Harris at Colchester police on 101.