WHO is behind the postbox payouts handed to a growing band of Colchester residents?

The Gazette has been contacted by six people all sent cash through the post with no letter or explanation by a mystery moneybags.

Yesterday, the Gazette revealed three of them either lived in Wickham Road, or had lived there until the Seventies.

But today, the mystery has deepened after three people with no links to Wickham Road came forward to say they too had received secret donations.

Dennis Barnes, 75, received a total of £300 in two separate letters last month. The first envelope, which contained £200, was addressed to him and the second was addressed to him and his wife, Pat.

He said: “It is a mystery. There is no way of tracking it.

“I have been trying to remember. I used to work in the building trade, so I thought it could have been an old customer, but I couldn’t think.”

Did you send the money or know who did? Call Zoe Forsey on 01206 508432 or e-mail zoe.forsey@nqe.com.

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