Meet Colchester’s very own Roy Orbison superfan, who even shares her birthday with the singer-songwriter.

Jean Baker, 57, has a lifesize cardboard cut out of the singer, known as the Big O, watching over her and a copy of every one of his songs.

She also counts his autograph, a coat, clock, cds, vinyls and numerous pictures among her collection, which she is hoping to increase.

On her birthday, April 23, she plans to raise a glass to the RocknRoll legend with hundreds of other members of her Roy Orbison Facebook fan group to celebrate what would have been his 78th birthday.

She said: “I am absolutely potty on him, and can’t do without him, he was such a great man.

“People say to me ‘which song do you like best’ but I can’t do that I have got them all.

“I have also got his first film The Fastest Guitar Alive.

“He doesn’t seem to get as much recognition as Elvis, it is about time he did.”

The mum-of-five, of Mersea Road, set up the group a few years ago and has 650 members.