A SIGHT-SEEING feline who went missing from her Colchester home was found 70-miles away - in London.

Roaming moggy Amy, 18, left her home in the town last month but was found by a member of the public on a university campus in Greenwich, in south London.

But now she has been reunited with owners Jacqueline and Colin Bramble, after vets at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home scanned her microchip, which brought up Mr and Mrs Bramble’s details.

Mrs Bramble said: “We were totally shocked when we received the phone call from Battersea and cannot understand how she managed to get from our home to London in one day.

“We went looking around the area for her but had no luck, we never imagined when Battersea called that she would be there.”

She added: “There have been a lot of deliveries recently and she must have jumped into a van and got a ride into London.

“Thankfully, she had a chip and we are so grateful to everyone at Battersea and the people who brought her there for helping us bring her home safely.

“She is a very inquisitive girl, and we are so relieved to have her home after her big adventure.”

Lindsey Quinlan, Head of cattery at Battersea, said: “We are so pleased Amy and her owners were able to be reunited, thanks to her microchip.

“Cats can be very curious creatures and collars are not always 100 per cent reliable, so for cats like Amy, a microchip is a must.

“We have thousands of cats who arrive at Battersea every year and only 25 per cent are microchipped, it is often obvious they have a loving home that will be missing them, but we have no way of getting them back together without a microchip.”