POLICE investigating the murder of Jim Attfield want to speak to a man and a woman seen smoking 100 yards from where he was found.

Jim, 33, was found on a pathway linking Lower Castle Park and East Hill with 102 stab wounds at 5.45am last Saturday. He died a short while later.

A man, 38, arrested as part of the investigation on Wednesday was released without charge on Saturday morning.

On Friday night a dozen officers walked part of the route between Mr Attfield's East Bay home and the River Lodge pub where he was last captured on CCTV.

DCI Simon Werrett, senior investigating officer, told a press conference officers had spoken to 50 people and had traced Mr Attfield's movements until around 11pm the night before he was found.

He said: "We spoke to about 50 people last night and we have identified some people from that who would have been here at this time last week.

"We believe there was a man and a woman both out sitting on a bench near to where the incident happened.
"They may have been together, they may have been separate, and we think they may have been smoking as well."

On Saturday, divers continued searching a lake while nearby grassland was trawled for evidence.

DCI Werrett revealed CCTV was still being investigated and other lines of investigation followed in a bid to track Mr Attfield's killer or killers.

He said: "It has shocked a lot of people.
"102 stab wounds is a frenzied attack DCI we are very keen to track the individual and I'm sure the public are as well."