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VIDEO: Castle Park murder press conference: Victim was stabbed 102 times

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    paddy16 3:38pm Mon 31 Mar 14

    Sometimes there is a valid argument for the death penalty to be bought back !!
    I think this is one of them, I'm sure the killer/killers would fabricate a story up to try and justify what they have done, but 102 stab wounds is just plain brutal murder !!!!
    RIP James

    Score: 45
    SAndrewss 4:33pm Mon 31 Mar 14

    So he was at the River Lodge, he left there and headed home which is in East Bays at the North end of Brook Street, an 18 minute walk from the River Lodge. That explains why James was there.

    If it turns out that this was just a random attack then it's even more sickening, if that's even possible.

    I agree with the previous comment (Paddy16).

    Score: 13
    SAndrewss 4:53pm Mon 31 Mar 14

    The image shown at 4:19 is of him arriving at the pub, not leaving.

    Score: 4
    SOMETHING2SAY 5:35pm Mon 31 Mar 14

    One hundred and f******** two times ??? This has truly sickened me. They have GOT to get the nutter that did this.....i think EVERYONE who can turn up for the trial ( Hoping there is one ) Should attend. What a death this guy must have endured. Im a hardened man of 50 something...and i have tears in my eyes. I was born / bred in Colchester , and i dont mind admitting ...i got in some ( many ) scrapes.....but this ?????? We dont know the motive ( mugging / sexual/ other ) but **** me...we have a raving lunatic on the loose. The victim could have been anyone...leaving work ...going to work..leaving a house party...just taking a walk to clear the mind..couldnt sleep.. The park has to review opening / access times surely ??? And should the bas**** be reading this ...gloating...come try it with me !!!! I thought i was aware of ALL types of lowlife....but this beats all. Should ant friends / family read this......i feel for you...and sorry for your loss. " Eye for an eye ". R.I.P James.

    Score: 36
    paul waring 5:49pm Mon 31 Mar 14

    So sad, I'd only known James for a year or so before he was killed and found him to be a quiet, mild mannered man who loved his Friday night sing song in The Goat and boot pub. He was always the first up to belt out a tune, though often his juke box choices were controversial and left a lot to be desired and we often joked about them!!! He always had a smile on his face and I'm sure he'll be missed by everyone from The Pub. RIP pal, nobody deserves to go like that. My condolences and thoughts go out to his family. XXX

    Score: 21
    Zaffre 6:19pm Mon 31 Mar 14

    A very lovely man and father of five according the news today. Absolutely unbelievable that one person could stab someone 102 times! Whoever did this is not human. One thing thought, there are posts on his facebook at 1.33 so the police will be able to track his mobile if he used that. Be afraid whoever did this the police will not be far behind you and anyone protecting you. RIP Mr Attfield I am sure they will be caught.

    Score: 12
    paddy16 9:19am Tue 1 Apr 14

    What amazes me is the lack of comments on the this story !!
    Woman getting ran over by a mobility scooter rouses 30+ comments, a man getting murdered so brutally gets under 10, shame on the people that have there heads in the clouds!!!
    We should be all on here condemning all crime and flushing out the vermin that prey on innocent people, the police need all the help they can get to catch the person/s for the sake of justice I hope they find him, name him & if he has people helping him, they too should be equally handed the same sentence because they are as guilty as him/them !!!!!

    Score: -1
    SAndrewss 9:24am Tue 1 Apr 14

    Father of 5!!! Wow that's a lot. Very sad for the little ones who must still be quite young if James only only 33 :-(

    Score: -1
    totallyfootball 9:33am Tue 1 Apr 14

    So many questions and yet so few answers, one thing for sure there are some seriously deranged people out there, 102 times is not just murder its a slaughter of a very innocent man from all accounts, this crime needs the death penalty reinstated, too sick for words. My thoughts to his family and five children with no father just to satisfy someone's sick and savage mind!

    Score: 10
    romantic 10:37am Tue 1 Apr 14

    Anybody who is capable of this has got to be found and quickly. Somewhere in town, there will be a son / brother / friend who has been acting oddly since Saturday. Please, even if you would normally not deal with the police, make an exception if you know something. "Loyalty", "not grassing people up" etc are for smaller crimes, but this is murder and in a shockingly brutal way. If somebody has been acting suspiciously, call the police and tell them. By the fact that he was walking in the park, it has to be somebody fairly local.

    Hard to imagine how it must be for his kids to handle this. It's just so brutal but also seemingly random. When I first heard about it, I thought it must be a mugging gone wrong, but 102 stab wounds is not that, it is the action of a seriously dangerous person. It's chilling to realise that somebody is walking the streets who is capable of this. We need to find this killer, and fast.

    Score: 9
    totallyfootball 10:48am Tue 1 Apr 14

    I would like to ad to the scribe above, this is not just a murder, the person/persons responsible are dangerous and need catching sooner rather than later. I ask you to put your thoughts and feelings about the police to one side and think of the victims family, they need to retain their sanity at all costs and they are desperately in need of some answers to this unthinkable crime, so please help them to do that!

    Score: 6
    Jue_uk 11:04am Tue 1 Apr 14

    This is a horrendous crime, the person/people responsible are very sick and need finding very quickly. My thoughts go out to this poor mans family, I just don't know how you would ever get over such a awful crime. I think the reason there isn't many comments as yet is that most people are lost for words, I still can't believe that anyone could do such a thing.

    Score: 7
    totallyfootball 12:09pm Tue 1 Apr 14

    Jue_uk wrote…

    This is a horrendous crime, the person/people responsible are very sick and need finding very quickly. My thoughts go out to this poor mans family, I just don't know how you would ever get over such a awful crime. I think the reason there isn't many comments as yet is that most people are lost for words, I still can't believe that anyone could do such a thing.

    Ditto Jue_uk, I have found it hard to comprehend because all sorts of thoughts come into your head and I think some will struggle to comprehend it let alone comment on it? I am sure we are all thinking about it in some shape or form, but I like you wonder how the family can deal with this, I just hope that they are getting all the support they need and deserve right now?

    Score: 7
    Weazelbum 2:45pm Tue 1 Apr 14

    Truly shocking that someone capable of that kind of crime is walking amongst us. When I first heard this had happened literally on my doorstep, I was shocked, but hearing the brutal details, it's just heartbreakingly savage. There are no words are there? Just hope that someone will come forward with some information that helps solve this and which may give the family some closure. So very sad.

    Score: 9
    mummykay 4:48pm Wed 2 Apr 14

    I am just so speechless as to how any person can commit such an act of brutality. My thoughts are truly with james' friends and family at this sad time. As a mother of a 2 year old I am scared to death about the town they are growing up in.

    Score: 3

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