NEARLY 50 pensioners heard where candidates for May’s European elections stood on everything from the Euro to immigration.

The hustings, organised by Colchester Pensioner Action Group, saw Conservative candidate John Flack, Lib Dem MEP Andrew Duff, Labour candidate Sandy Martin, UKIP candidate John Pitts and Green Party candidate James Abbott debate for two hours.

The five started by outlining where they stood on membership of the European Union, with Labour, Lib Dem and Green politicians voicing their support, Mr Pitts calling on the nation to leave and Mr Flack stating a referendum should decide.

They then fielded questions from action group members and guests, with popular topics including immigration and its impact on the UK’s population, job market and available housing.

Other subjects debated included the escalating crisis in Ukraine, climate change, fracking, pollution and benefits.

Organiser Barbara Williamson said: “It was a lively meeting and it was well attended.

The European Union elections, along with polls for 20 seats on Colchester Council, will be held on May 22.