A LEADING bookmaker aims to curb gambling in Colchester.

Coral was granted permission for its third betting shop in the town but has pledged to sound out other bookies to see if they would join a Bet Watch.

The group would be similar to Pub Watch, so if someone is told they cannot gamble in one shop, they would be refused entry to others.

Ewen MacGregor, who represented Coral at a licensing hearing on Friday *MAR21* said: “The betting industry has learned quite a lot from the alcohol industry.

“Bet Watch has been set up in other areas and implementing one in Colchester is certainly something we would look it.

“We are more than happy to share information for other bookmakers.”

He added: “I cannot say we will set up one within weeks because in our experience, it needs to backed by all the other bookmakers in Colchester and I believe having the police on board in some context would also validate it.

“It is something we are happy to investigate.”

The idea was put forward by Mike Lilley, a member of the licensing sub-committee which decided on the application.