AS women across the country ditch their make-up for barefaced photos to raise awareness of breast cancer, one group has taken it a step further.

The latest social media craze has seen thousands of women post selfies – a photo you take of yourself with a smartphone – make-up free.

They then nominate friends to do the same and donate money to Cancer Research UK.

The spontaneous nationwide fundraising craze has already generated more than £1million.

But Lucy Wright, of St Annes, Colchester, decided she would raise taking her top off.

She said: “Everyone started take bare-faced photos of themselves for breast cancer awareness. I’m not really one for makeup, but I was nominated.”

However, the selfie fundraiser has drawn criticism from some for being too self-indulgent.

Lucy said: “Before I had the opportunity to do mine, I saw how the idea was being criticised.

“Everyone was being really negative, saying: What’s this going to do?

“So I decided to go one step further – one better – to give the critics something to moan about.

“I wanted to show people this isn’t a joke.”

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