A PREGNANT mum whose puppy ran away when she opened the door to sign for a package says it is unfair she is being charged because it was found by a dog warden.

Melanie Loumbas also said she has been told she has until Monday to pay the £65 fine or her ten-month-old chihuahua, Boss, will be taken away from her.

When Boss escaped at about 10am on Tuesday, heavily pregnant Melanie, 20, of Stevens Close, Colchester, ran back into her house to ring friends to help her search the streets.

But when Boss could not be found, she contacted Colchester Council.

Staff there told her the dog had been found near the Oaks Hospital – less than 200m from Melanie’s home – and was taken to kennels in Ipswich.

Speaking on Melanie’s behalf, sister- in-law Natalie Elkin said: “She can’t afford to pay that money and won’t be able to pay it.

“She has offered what money she has for the rest of the week, which is about £25, but they’ve said no.”

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