A PLAYGROUND was closed after vandals poured paint over the equipment.

Paint was poured down the slide, over the swings and the saddle of a wooden horse at the site in Harvey Road, Colchester.

Ward member Lyn Barton has raised concerns about the rise in yobbish behaviour in the area.

In recent weeks a bus shelter was smashed with the glass shattering in Layer Road.

Cars in John Kent Road, Smallwood Road and Iceni Way have been damaged.

Bottles were smashed in the Boadicea Way skate park with arsonists trying to set fire to a shelter, breaking open a voltage box and spreading graffiti.

And a car was tipped over in the road in Eldred Avenue.

Mrs Barton said: "The play area had to be closed and there has been a worrying escalation in the past few weeks.

"The damage was reported to the council and it happened overnight Wednesday to Thursday.

"I have a feeling the same group of people are causing a lot of trouble."

Anyone with information about any of the incidents of vandalism please call Colchester police station on 101.

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