PLANS to dump a vet’s surgery in the car park of Colchester’s former Drury Arms pub have been thrown out.

Colchester Council’s planning department has refused a bid by Property Portfolio to put the surgery next to the former pub, where a Sainsbury’s Local store will open next month.

Residents and traders had opposed the supermarket bid because they feared the junction of Layer Road and Drury Road would become a major traffic hazard.

Ten residents, including local councillors Lyn Barton, Nigel Offen and Pauline Hazell, lodged their opposition to the subsequent bid for a two-story vet’s surgery when it was lodged in December.

The surgery would have been run by Vets For Pets, based in the Pets at Home shop in Cowdray Avenue, and would have created four jobs.

This week, planners said the surgery would be a “cramped and overly dominant development” that would cause traffic problems as not enough parking spaces were promised.

The decision stated: “The proposal is not, therefore, considered to represent a high quality and inclusive design that respects or enhances the character, quality or function of the surrounding area...”

Mrs Barton said she and local residents welcomed the decision.

She said: “Officers agreed with us that it would have been a major overdevelopment of the site and there are implications with increased traffic entering and exiting.

“I was also unhappy with the design of the proposed surgery. It would not have been in keeping with the area.”

The Sainsbury’s local store, approved last year following a lengthy planning battle, will open on April 4.
No-one from Property Portfolio was available for comment.