Colchester United Fans have been blamed for ripping out seats during Saturday's defeat at Leyton Orient.

A number of pictures showing damaged chairs and litter appeared on Twitter following the game at Brisbane Road.

The official CUFC Police Twitter account sent out this message following the game: “The behaviour experienced by a minority of the travelling #colu fans today will not be tolerated.

“If identified [the people] will be prosecuted.

“The majority always behave themselves and I wouldn't want the rep of #colu fans tainted.”

Some fans have however suggested that the seats were already damaged.

A spokesman for Leyton Orient said: “We have contacted Colchester United regarding the matter and are awaiting their response.”

He declined to say whether they will be asking Colchester United to foot the bill.”

Tim Waddington, Colchester United’s general manager said: “Colchester United has a loyal travelling fanbase who follow the team around the country, who are not generally considered a risk supporter group and are known to be well behaved.

“It would come as some surprise that damage has been attributed to our fans, but we will work with Leyton Orient to ascertain the cause and identify the culprits, if any, who were involved.”