A COLCHESTER mum joined a charity chief executive at the House of Commons to press the town’s MP for action over a potentially fatal childbird infection.

Campaigners have accused the Government of carrying out a U-turn over a pledge to introduce a more accurate swab for Group B Strep, a bacterial infection passed from pregnant mother to child.

One in ten children die if theyhave the infection, while a further one in 20 suffer lifelong mental and physical problems. A general test now misses two in five cases, but a test available for £35 privately would be more effective.

Su Newton, who nearly lost daughter Emily after she was born with the infection, joined group chief executive Jane Plumb for a meeting with Colchester MP Sir Bob Russell.

Mrs Newton, whose daughter is now a healthy four-year-old, said: “I find the decision not to introduce routine screening extremely hard to comprehend.”

After the meeting Sir Bob tabled two written parliamentary questions. He said: “I am fully supportive of the campaign and will do my best to ensure we get a positive outcome.”