A SWINGERS club with padded and lockable playrooms is set to open in Colchester.

The club would also boast a “kinky corner” for couples as well as “dark corner couches” and “optional viewing areas”.

The plans, for London Road, in Stanway, have been met with opposition from residents, who say the club is unsuitable for the area.

A small number of residents were told of the application by Colchester Council, but Nigel Taylor, of Back Lane, in Stanway, has seen growing opposition to the plans.

He said: “It is a completely inappropriate location for something like this.

“The number of people using it and the times of opening are unsuitable and we worry about the behaviour of people leaving it at 2am, not to mention the lack of parking and the traffic it could create.”

The club, called Mingles, would be open from 12pm to 2am Monday to Sunday would operate a bring you own alcohol policy.

Mr Taylor, 62, added: “We must also talk about the fear of crime, because the people who are going to be using it won’t be paying nightclub prices, they can bring whatever they want in having paid whatever price for it.”

Its website describes the club as: “The perfect place to meet other genuine like-minded adults in a soft, sensual, relaxed atmosphere.

“You will receive a warm welcome from our fun, friendly and helpful staff.

“You will be greeted by soft subtle lighting, beautiful decor, music to fit the mood and very sexy play areas.”

It adds: “The club is a non-pressured, chilled out private members club where you will feel relaxed and safe, somewhere you can come and meet a couple for the first time or have fun at one of our themed parties.

“Mingles has something for everyone so whether you are new to the scene or more experienced we are sure you will have a fantastic time.”

Mr Taylor added: “It seems from the website, they are jumping the gun a bit by telling people it will be opening soon.

“But there is still a long way to go.”

The application was submitted on January 1 and a consultation period ends today *THURS23*.

It has been called in by Sonia Lewis, borough councillor for Lexden, which means the application will be decided on by Colchester Council planning committee.

The 100sq m building was used as a Polish shop between 2010 and 2012. It has not been used since December 30, 2012.

The application is for change of use from retail to use as a private members social club.


'We're not all sex-crazed perverts'

THE man who is hoping to open a swingers club in Colchester says not all swingers are ”sex crazed perverts”.

Jason Woolf wants to open Mingles in London Road, in Lexden.

The club would have a kinky corner and locked, padded playrooms as well as a viewing gallery.

Neighbours have expressed concerns over the sort of people the club would attract, but Mr Woolf claims residents have nothing to worry about.

He said: “Our clients know swinging is frowned upon and so they are always discreet.

“They are professional people - we have police officers and office workers.

“The people who are in the lifestyle know we’re not all sex crazed perverts.


“Sometimes you end up flirting with people and sometimes you end up having sex with them, but that’s neither expected nor guaranteed.”

Mr Woolf, 41 and a swinger himself, from Sawbridgeworth, near Harlow, has owned the building, a former printworks since 2009.

He came up with the idea after going to a swinger club in London with his partner, last year.

“I was in there and I thought to myself ‘this place is smaller than my Lexden building’.

“It was like a eureka moment and I thought ‘this is something we can do.’”

Mr Woolf hopes to open the club, which would host between 40 and 80 people a day, with his fiancee.

No one under the age of 25 would be allowed in.

He added: “I think swinging is probably frowned upon by people, but it is a very responsible environment and the ladies are in control, so they are not under threat and they like that.

“I understand residents will be uneasy, but with the type of club we have in mind, there won’t be anyone stumbling out of the club at 2am and doing donuts in their car or being sick in the street.

“They don’t want that and I don’t want that.”

Mr Woolf added anyone caught breaking strict noise and disturbance rules will have their membership revoked.

It is planned the club will be open to members on between Wednesday and Saturday.

On other days, it could be hired by other specialist groups.