COLCHESTER United’s stadium could soon be going green.

Solar panels could be installed on top of stadium.

Colchester Council wants to put the panels on ten buildings it owns, including the Weston Homes Community Stadium.

If plans get the go-ahead the council will save money on its electricity bills and make a small amount of money from the energy firms.

The other buildings are the Colchester Business Centre, Mile End Sports Pavilion, North Colchester Business Incubation Centre, Shrub End depot offices, Leisure World Colchester, Rowan House council offices, Heckworth Close museums store, Colchester Crematorium and Gosbecks Road offices.

It will cost £800,000 to install the panels, but the council hopes to get the money back from selling on the electricity.

Paul Smith, councillor for business and resources, said: “It is not often we get the chance to save money and the environment at the same time.

“With the experience we have gained from putting them on council houses we are confident this will provide a good income stream for the next 25 years.

“Places such as Leisure World will update their budgets accordingly for electricity costs because they would not be paying it any more, but clearly we would say to the community stadium we would install them but we want to see some of the benefit.”

Peterborough City Council, which is set to get the contract for the installation works, has already put solar panels on 16 of its properties including leisure facilities and schools.

The majority of the panels are due to be installed by the end of March, and it will reduce CO2 emissions by around 200 tonnes each year.