CARELESS drivers have killed five swans in road collisions in Mistley.

The latest was found by Alex Smith, from Swanwatch, while she was walking her dog along The Walls.

It comes less than two weeks after two swans were killed – with one of them being decapitated – on the same stretch of road.

Mrs Smith said: “This one on Tuesday was still warm when I found it, so was hit in the early hours of the morning when there is not much traffic and there is little need to rush.

“It is clear the driver was not taking care and just rammed the swan.

“It is horrible. There is just no respect for the amazing wildlife in the area.

“We want to be considered an area of natural beauty, but do we really deserve it if things like this keep happening?

“The swans have not passed away, they have been slaughtered by traffic that speeds along the road.

“We have lost five swans since Boxing Day and probably lose around 50 a year which is a quarter of the group. It is a terrible problem.

“It is something Swanwatch has tried to do something about, but it is nearly impossible to slow the traffic because nobody is listening.”

Mistley parish councillor Ian Tucker believes traffic calming measures should be introduced to stop motorists speeding and hitting the birds.

He said: “Speed bumps would be a way to ensure people keep to the limit or vehicle activated signs to ensure cars slow down.”