MACBETH may be a curse for some, but for Hedingham Castle it has brought actor Sean Bean and the possibility of yet another film crew.

The 12th century Norman castle with a stone keep has already provided the backdrop for the Enemy of Man trailer, which is a Macbeth adaptation starring Bean as the main character and Harry Potter star Rupert Grint as a knight.

The film is still in production, but it is hoped crews could return to the castle to film other parts of the motion picture.

Another production company, which is also making an adaptation of Macbeth, is in talks to use the castle for a number of days too.

Over the years, the castle has played host to many other casts including those of the Only Way Is Essex and, more recently, by the cast of Made in Chelsea for its Christmas special.

Many BBC documentaries have also been filmed there and Jamie Oliver filmed an episode of his Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club series in the grounds.

Castle general manager Simon Orr said: “Having film crews here is not unusual for us. We get an average of one query every week, but not all of them happen as sometimes we can’t accommodate them when we are at our busiest.

“If we have got a wedding on we can’t really have film crews.

“Macbeth was a really long day, they were here from about 6am until 9pm.

“I think they are still raising funds for production and we are hoping theymight do some more shooting here, but I think most of it will be shot in Bulgaria.”

Although HedinghamCastle is run as a business the profits are ploughed back into the upkeep of the castle and its grounds.

Mr Orr added: “The main part of the business is weddings and anything additional to that, like film work or television, is a bonus.

“In that sense nothing hurts if there are pictures of the castle looking nice going out.”