THE trial of a former paratrooper already on death row in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been adjourned as no interpreter was available.

Joshua French was based at Colchester Garrison before joining the Norwegian Army and later becoming a private contractor.

In 2009, he and Tjostolv Moland were sentenced to death for espionage and murder in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The convictions, carried out by a military court, have been heavily criticised.

Mr French is now on trial for the murder of Mr Moland, who was found dead in their cell.

Legal charity Reprieve has written to Prime Minister David Cameron asking him to intervene to prevent a “sham trial”.

Mr French’s mum, Kari Hilde, said: “Joshua has already lost his best friend and nearly five years of his life. Now he’s being falsely accused of murder. How much more will he have to endure before the British Government takes serious action?”

The family of Mr Moland have asked for the charges to be dropped, convinced he took his own life.