A COLCHESTER woman slashed a night-clubber’s throat with a shard of glass during a brawl in an upmarket London nightclub, a court heard.

Leanne Bloomfield, 28, of Berkley Road, Colchester, denies wounding Natalie Walsh, 22, with intent at the Cafe De Paris, near Leicester Square.

Bloomfield also allegedly kicked Miss Walsh, the daughter of Ground Force TV gardening show star Tommy Walsh, as she lay on the ground.

Ms Walsh needed an operation for a severed tendon to her thumb, as well as treatment for the cut to her throat, Southwark Crown Court was told.

After the incident, on February 3 last year, Bloomfield allegedly boasted about the attack in text messages to a pal. She was arrested the next day.

Simon Ward, prosecuting, told the court said: “Miss Walsh walked towards the dancefloor and got into an altercation with the defendant. She remembers being grabbed by the hair by a girl with long, brown hair. Her hair was pulled upwards, stretching her neck. She tried to fight off her assailant and tried to elbow her away.

All the while this was going on, she got the feeling someone else was attacking her from behind.

“She was cut with a piece of glass, from the neck to the chin, in an upward movement.

“She found herself on the floor. Her bag had opened and all her stuff was strewn over the floor.”

Bloomfield’s belongings also spilled from her bag during the scuffle, Mr Ward said and she was traced because her Santander bank card had ended up in Miss Walsh’s bag.

The court heard when she was arrested, Bloomfield told police: “Yeah, I was there. I had a fight. She punched me. It’s not serious is it? She’s OK?'

Bloomfield was in the cabaret club with a group including her sister Vicky and friend Katie Cooper. The club is often frequented by the casts of TV docu--soaps Made in Chelsea and the Only Way is Essex, and was hosting a party for a Big Brother contestant on the night of the attack.

The trial continues.