AN English teacher has self-published his first book to fulfil a lifelong ambition and inspire his students.

Tendring Technology College teacher Kevin Hill, 28, has written his first book – the Ice CreamWars.

It is based on the experiences of his dad as he worked driving an ice cream van in Lancashire.

Kevin, who moved to Essex from Lancashire last year to teach at the college, said: “It’s been a project that has been a long time in the making.

“I had the idea a long time ago and started interviewing my dad about two years ago.

“It has taken a long time, but now it’s done and it’s a great feeling to fulfil that ambition.

“I could have messed around with it for another ten years.

“It was never going to get to the stage where I was completely happy with it, so in the end I just decided to say enough was enough and publish it.”

Kevin used self-publishing website Lulu to create hard copies of his book.

The website allows authors to enter the text, set the format and design their own front page.

The company will then print the book for the author. Kevin hopes the process will inspire his students to push onwith their writing.

He added: “Everyone has a story to tell. I wasn’t confident enough to send it out to a publisher, but self-publishing really opens it up to people.

“Once you get used to the website it is easy.

“I have shown the finished book to some of my pupils and they have enjoyed it.”

He added: “In doing this, I’ve opened a can of worms. All the pupils are writing their own stories and I’ve got more marking than ever. I’m glad it has helped them to become passionate about writing.”

! The book will be available at Frinton book shop Caxton Books on Connaught Avenue.

The Ice Cream Wars is on sale for £3.88, giving Kevin a profit of about one pence per copy sold.