A POTHOLE in Colchester’s Military Road is so large you can fit your whole arm in it.

Peter Higgins, councillor for New Town, went to investigate after a resident knocked on his door to report it.

He described the 18ins long by 2ft deep crack as “not your regular pothole”.

Essex County Council has promised to make the road safe as soon as possible.

When Mr Higgins first went to look, the void was filled with beer cans.

He said: “The road has lost its support and basically is disappearing.

“The road has completely gone, there is no support underneath.

“If it was in the middle of the road, it would collapse straight away. I think it will get bigger very quickly.”

The hole, which is at the side of the road near to the kerb, is near the bus stop close to the junction with New Town Road.

Mr Higgins is concerned someone will hurt themselves tripping, or get their leg trapped, if the hole is not repaired soon.

He said: “Fortunately we’ve still got the street lights on in Military Road, otherwise it would be a death trap. Your foot would go down it and you wouldn’t be able to get it out. It needs to be dealt with straight away.”