A BAR owner in Colchester’s St St Botolph’s Street has accused some premises of turning a blind eye to trouble in favour of chasing profits.

Osman Rasih, who runs the Silk Road, has defended his bar after Jonny Smith, 25, was left in a coma when he was attacked nearby.

He is “sick and tired” of people slating Queen and St Botolph’s streets and his venue in particular.

In a letter to the Gazette, he said some venues were turning a blind eye to behaviour because of strict targets and that Colchester was not as bad as most places in the country and policing in this town is a lot better Mr Rasih said: “Things could be improved if all the late night establishments act a bit more responsibly.

“Security is an added expense, but I believe all concerned would benefit in time.

“The public would feel a lot safer visiting establishments and can only help bring up the dying night time economy in this town.”

Mr Rasih said turning people away who have already got drunk at home would make people think twice.

He said the law-abiding majority have a part to play too.

He said: “Many bystanders are happy to just turn their backs when they see things are happening.

“I am not asking them to put themselves at risk, or take the law in to their own hands, but to at least call for help if they cannot help deal with the situation.”

Mr Rasih recently backed a proposal by Tory councillor Will Quince to introduce a late-night levy on nightspots that stay open into the small hours to fund extra police officers, the SOS Bus and clean-up costs.