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  • "I was 15 and living in Southend when he got released from prison, it was a news story to me much like his election (as president, I'm not Chinese and talking about when he met the Spice Girls) and so is his death. I was in Brixton when he visited - the old women were excited and doing little dances and that but the truth is that the young kids just liked seeing a famous person. They didn't connect with his politics or struggle or equate it to their situation. The point that no one wants to make is that in Africa and to Africans around the World he really meant something but for the rest he is generationally irrelevant. RIP? Yeah of course. If you take inspiration from his life or anyone else's life for that matter, good for you. It's better than me having to read how Justin Bieber "cured my totes depression through his choice of hats lol".. What I don't get though is how it has turned into celebrity driven mass mourning of a 95 year old bloke where cameras and microphones are being shoved into people's faces to **** their shock and make sure that we can all agree on this one thing. "War in Afghan? bedroom tax? death of Mandela - YES that's definitely a bad thing." Like we are too thick to make our own minds up so we defer to individuals who do it on our behalf because they are famous. Ask Doris or Ken on the High St, they will tell you, its neither a bad nor a good thing. It's just a thing. I wish we would put this sort of combined focus on the issues that affect this country on a daily basis. Like actual politics rather than rhetoric. Aside from this, what has surprised me is how long his imprisonment and the apartheid regimen lasted when you consider how many old white South Africans and World leaders have been on my tele talking about how awful they thought it was."
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LATEST UPDATES: Nelson Mandela dies

Gazette: LIVE UPDATES: Nelson Mandela dies LIVE UPDATES: Nelson Mandela dies

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