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    Kim Gandy wrote:
    once again the left wing predominated media hides the truth. And the public swallow it. Except those of us who do NOT believe everything they read in newspapers. I reject a lot of what is online as everyone knows but where there is well documented and well researched evidence..rather than lies and conjecture....
    Bloody right, Kim! The fact that the media is airbrushing out the fact he was a left-winger who led armed resistance, obviously proves the media's left-wing agenda. Turning him into somebody who wasn't left-wing at all, hiding all mention of his socialism, is exactly what the left would want, isn't it? Just like the French Resistance, the ANC chose terrorism against a democratically elected government (leftie scum must not forget, both Hitler, and apartheid, had a democratic mandate). It's bloody political correctness gone mad, is what it is, at the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation, and all those other commie media outlets, like the Mail, the Sun, the Telegraph, the Times, etc.

    Apartheid carried on the great tradition of the 'white man's burden', and these lesser races, should have been grateful. But no, they became all uppity, they didn't know when they were well off.

    Got to say, you speak much sense, for a woman. Obviously, like poor people, and blacks, you're a lesser species than a white man like me. But you do well, and I'd like to pat you on the head."
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LATEST UPDATES: Nelson Mandela dies

Gazette: LIVE UPDATES: Nelson Mandela dies LIVE UPDATES: Nelson Mandela dies

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