A DAD says his family was threatened with police action after his two-year-old son ate a 21p apple while shopping in Asda.

Doughan Flack and his family was shopping in the Turner Rise supermarket when his son, Bilgin, picked up the Granny Smith apple and began to eat it.

When they went to the checkout, they were told they would have to pay for the apple, which Mr Flack was happy to do.

But when he realised he had been charged for a larger Golden Delicious apple, worth 25p, he asked for a 4p refund, but says he was told by staff if he persisted is questioning them over the incident, the police would be called.

Mr Flack, 41, said: “It was unbelievable, we were all so shocked.

“My wife and the two children were terrified.”

The school teacher, of Morant Road, in Colchester, added: “I spend about £6,000 in Asda every year.

“I get all my groceries and all my petrol there, so it really adds up over the year.

“I really think they should have some common sense, it is a family store.

Mr Flack also said his wife, Olena, 34, was so worried the police were going to be called, she was shaking and could hardly speak.

“We won’t be going back there. They have lost a customer.”

The incident happened at about 11am on Thursday. 

An Asda spokesman said: “We understand while shopping with children it can be difficult to keep them entertained which is why we realise sometimes it’s nice to give them a healthy snack, such as an apple, on the way round the store.

“We support our colleagues to make the right decision and what we would ask customers is they’re prompted at the till, they understand that these products still need paying for.”

He also denied the family was threatened with police action, adding the shop assistant had said contacting the police was just one course of action available to staff. 

He added: “We apologise for any upset caused to Mr Flack and his family.”