A FILM student is celebrating as more than 200,000 people have watched his videos online.


Craig Dillon, who is studying film and TV production at the Colchester Institute, has seen a boom in hits on his YouTube channel.

The teenager created his first video, secretly filming pranks in a supermarket, a year ago and was inspired to keep making them after the number of views began to climb.

He has now expanded to producing short films and video blogs alongside more prank-style videos, and has almost 12,500 people subscribed to his online channel.

Craig said: “The first video got a lot of views so I just carried on making them, and now make one every week.


“I have always been interested in film and really enjoy making and editing them.

“It is cool to have so many people watching what I make, I didn’t expect it would be so popular so it was a real surprise.”

Craig is heading to Westminster University in September to study film, and is returning to Los Angeles in the summer to attend a YouTube conference following a four-month trip to the city last year.

See Craig’s videos at youtube.com/craigtdillonvideos, visit his website at craigtdillon.com or add to his more than 43,000 followers on Twitter @CraigTDillon.