A DOG show with a difference will be held in Dedham on Saturday, April 27.

The competition at Mill Lane will raise money for local community interest company Nurture Dogs, whose team of English Pointers, Lhasa Apso cross puppies and other dogs will also be on display.

Co-founder Gillian De’ath said: “We are a small, not for profit organisation that offers animal contact and activities combined with Occupational Therapy to people of all ages to overcome barriers in their lives.

“We have a varied client population and we carry out group and one-to-one work in residential homes, schools, specialist hospitals, secure units and the local community.

“Our therapy dogs can be used as a social lubricant in counselling, social skills groups or meetings where clients may be nervous or agitated.”

The event starts at 10am and judging begins at 11am. There will also be a raffle, food, crafts and other activities and stalls.

To book in advance, email hello@nurture-dogs.co.uk or call 07933 117982. Visit www.nurture-dogs.co.uk